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Top HR Professional Award is hosted by

Michigan’s annual Top HR Professional Award was created in 2014 to highlight and recognize exceptional performance and outstanding achievement by a professional in the field of human resource management.  HR professionals throughout Michigan, at all levels of experience, industry background, and specialties are eligible to be nominated (or self-nominate) for this award.


Past winners of this award are Individuals who have exemplified the highest standards of the profession and promoted and contributed to the evolution of HR within their business, organization and in their community.   Specifically, we seek to affirm and distinguish individuals who can demonstrate accomplishments in the following areas:


Business Impact: How has this individual influenced and affected the business / organization’s success in its mission?  HRpreneur’ s judges panel seeks award candidates who have made measurable improvements in the way their organization operates and meets its objectives.


HR Core Competencies: How well has the individual prepared themselves to possess the core competencies established for excellence in HR, and/or in their area of specialization?

Talent / Resource Development: Within the applicable scope of authority, what actions has this candidate taken to ensure that their organization has the talent it needs now and in the future?


Innovation: Has this candidate been able to innovate in their approach to HR challenges, and if so, how? 


Community Impact: Has this candidate played a part in advancing the profession of HR on a broader scale?   Outside of their organization, what impact have they made in their communities?